155. Nemzetközi Nyomatkiállítás - pályázat

A brit Royal Photographic Society (Királyi Fotográfiai Társaság) pályázatot hirdet a 2012-ben 155. alkalommal megrendezendő Nemzetközi Nyomatkiállításon való részvételre. 

A pályázaton minden alkotó legfeljebb öt nyomattal vehet részt. A kiválasztott alkotások szerepelnek a kiállításon, és megjelennek egy színes katalógusban is.

Beküldési határidő: 2012. március 21.

Call for entries: 155th International Print Competition
Deadline: 21st March 2012

The International Print Exhibition
The Royal Photographic Society’s International Print Exhibition is the longest standing exhibition of its kind in the world. During its long history of over 150 years, it has gained a reputation for showcasing a wide range of genres and styles of photography, with cutting edge prints being shown alongside traditional work. This has ensured its uniqueness within the photographic world.

Each year The Society invites submissions from professional, student and amateur photographers worldwide, both members and non members. The Exhibition is selected by 5 well qualified photographers from different backgrounds and Gold, Silver and Bronze medals are awarded. In 2007, The Society introduced an Under 25 Gold Award, which has been sponsored by Olympus UK Ltd.  Since then, all under 25s selected for the exhibition have been awarded a year's free membership and a free submission to a Society Distinction Assessment as part of The Society's Youth Initiative.

Since 2008, Allen & Overy LLP, a leading international law firm, has sponsored The Exhibition. They have introduced monetary prizes along with specific awards in their own themed categories.

The Society is very grateful to Allen & Overy LLP and Olympus UK Ltd for their continued support.

An acceptance in The International Print Exhibition has always been coveted by professionals and amateurs alike and has helped many aspiring photographers to launch their career and achieve recognition.
The high profile of the exhibition's history, name and format ensures wide coverage by the photographic press and an enthusiastic response by gallery visitors. Each year the Exhibition of 120 - 125 selected prints tours the UK and ocassionally overseas. In recent years it has been shown in China and Ukraine. The Exhibition images are reproduced in a full colour catalogue. All entrants receive a copy of the catalogue.
There is also a comprehensive Education Pack that accompanies the Exhibition and links to the National Curriculum for Primary and Secondary schools. To download the Education Pack, right click here (PDF 17.43MB) then go to 'Save Target As'. Click 'Save' to the location required on your computer.

Hiring the International Print ExhibitionThe annual International Print Exhibition is available for hire.
For information, please contact
Lesley Goode, Exhibitions Manager
Tel: +44(0)1225 325720
Email: lesley@rps.org

Bővebb információ:
Royal Photographic Society;
E-mail: lesley@rps.org
Web: www.rps.org/international-print-exhibition

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