Trashformers - "From Waste to Design"!

A berlini székhelyű Kulturlabor Trial & Error nevezetű nonprofit szervezet pályázatot ír ki workshopon való részvételre a fenntarthatóság jegyében.

Kulturlabor Trial & Error is a Berlin based, non profit organization, working with crafts, D.I.Y. culture, sustainability, arts and media. Looking for international participants to join our 9 day workshop “TRASHFORMERS - FROM WASTE TO DESIGN”!

If you are interested in topics like design, waste challenges, sustainability, creative recycling, D.I.Y. culture and – most important - would like to find new practical ideas and share your knowledge with other people from around Europe, this is the workshop for you!

Jelentkezési határidő: 2012. július 15.

The workshop will take place between 1 - 9. September 2012, in Lauchammer, a small town located 1,5 hours from Berlin, Germany. The costs of the workshop are fully covered by the European Union through the Grundtvig Programme. The workshop will have 20 participants and will be facilitated by Kulturlabor Trial&Error e.V. in cooperation with Wohnfühlzeit.

During the 9 days we will discover creative recycling, using household waste and recyclable materials. Known methods of creative recycling will be presented, and you will be supported in the process of developing your own ideas related to waste reduction, recycling and reuse of materials.

To apply fill in the online form here!
Deadline for application: 15th of July 2012

Previous knowledge on the topic of creative recycling, as well as formal qualifications are not required. The workshop is open for everyone with a genuine interest to learn about waste reduction and creative means, resident in a EU memberstate, Switzerland, Island, Norway, Liechtenstein, Croatia or Turkey.

For more detailed information read the full workshop description and apply by using the online form!

For questions about the project and more detailed information contact Daniel Obenaus:
d.obenaus (@)


Photos by TauMH

Kulturlabor Trial&Error

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