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A Conflux 5 olyan művészt keres, akik mostanában kezdtek el dolgozni, és akik határozott koncepcióval rendelkeznek meghitt színházi darabok készítésére. A "meghitt színház" kifejezés alatt olyan kis léptékű, bel- vagy szabadtéri performanszt / installációt értenek, amely nem több, mint négy fős hallgatóságnak mutatható be egy időben. Az ilyen darabokból álló programot bemutatják a "Surge 2012" fesztiválon Skóciban, de a program esetleg be lesz mutatva más fesztiválokon is Angliában, Olaszországban és Magyarországon is.
Jelentkezési határidő: 2011. december 18.

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Conflux is seeking 5 artists who have recently started producing their own work, and who also have strong concepts for creating pieces of intimate theatre. By ‘intimate theatre’ we mean small-scale, indoor or outdoor performances / installations to be experienced by no more than 4 audience members at a time. A programme of such pieces will be presented at ‘Surge 2012’ – Scotland’s only festival of physical performance.
Conflux will introduce successful applicants to internationally respected artists who will collaborate with them to realise their specific concept. This process is designed to help undiscovered artists develop their working practice with the help of established artists, and in the company of other undiscovered artists from across Europe.
The finished performances may also have the potential to be performed at festivals in England, Italy and Hungary.

About Conflux
Conflux is an LTUK (Legacy Trust United Kingdom) and Creative Scotland funded organisation designed to develop and promote physical theatre, street arts and circus throughout Scotland. As such Conflux works with many artists and companies throughout Europe, and the rest of the World, to create innovative training and performance programmes.
How to apply
Read the criteria below and send us an outline of your artistic proposal (Max 750 words) and a copy of your current CV. Send applications with the form below by 18th December 2011.
Applicant Criteria
Applicants must be over 18 (there is no upper age limit).
Applicants should have no more than 3 years professional experience in their chosen art form.

Project Criteria
The proposal should;
- Be for a new work that currently exists as a concept only.
- Include at least one of the following art forms – outdoor arts, physical theatre or circus AND one other art form.
- Be suitable for a small-scale, intimate performance setting, and for a maximum of 4 audience members.
- The finished work should be no longer than 15 minutes.
- Involve no more than 3 performers
Conflux will provide
- Fees for the successful applicants, amount to be confirmed.
- Accommodation and travel expenses where appropriate
- A professional mentor to work on the project
- A production budget
- Additional performers / technicians as required.
- A platform for performances at the Surge Festival, July 2012
18th December 2011 Application Deadline
12th January 2012 Applicants notified of decisions
27th February – 3rd March Initial week of residencies
3rd March – 24th July 2012 Each residency will run for two – three weeks over this period.
27th – 29th July 2012 Performances at Surge Festival

If you have any questions please contact Alan Richardson on conflux.co.uk

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