Positive Posters 2011 Competition - Plakát tervező pályázat

Egy igen szabad szellemű pályázatot írt ki az ausztrál székhelyű Positive Posters, pozitív gondolatokat sugárzó plakátokat várnak.

Positive Posters provides a shared platform that encourages designers to be proactive in shaping important issues. We believe in the ability of design to inspire minds, change attitudes and spark revolutions.

The 2011 Positive Posters brief asks you to design a poster that highlights or exposes an issue specific to your own country, someone else’s or one that is international. It could be social, environmental or political; anything that you believe deserves a global audience and could be better seen or understood.

A pályázat leadási határideje: 2011. szeptember 30.

This is an opportunity for you to make a positive contribution towards an issue by presenting it to a global audience. We don’t want to tell you what’s important; we’d like you to tell us what’s important to you.

There is no entry fee.



The annual Positive Posters competition is open to all designers worldwide, individuals (students and professionals) and collectives (e.g. studios/agencies/collaborations)



First Place
• 3,500+ posters distributed in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia
• $1,500 cash + $1,500 to a charity of your choice.

Second Place
• Wacom Intuos 4 Tablet

Third Place
• Safari Living Prize Pack


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