Művészeti alkotóházi pályázat

Pályázatot hirdet művészeti alkotóházi programban való részvételre a cseh Skolska 28 Gallery. 

A cseh Skolska 28 Gallery pályázatot hirdet művészeti alkotóházi programban való részvételre a Visegrad Artist Residency Program (Visegrádi Művészeti Alkotóház Program) keretében. A program 2013 áprilisától decemberéig nyújt lehetőséget a kiválasztott művészeknek, hogy három hónapot eltöltsenek egy fogadó szervezetnél.

Pályázati határidő: 2012. szeptember 10.

International Visegrad Fund - 2013

2013 International Visegrad Fund - open call for projects

VARP Visegrad Artist Residency Program

Školská 28 Gallery is seeking submissions for artist-in-residency projects in the year 2013 (April - December) within the frame of the Visegrad Artist Residency Program (VARP). VARP was created in 2006 for the purposes of facilitating art mobility and exchange for citizens of the Visegrad Group (V4) countries. Supported period of each residency is 3 months.

To apply for VARP residency, each applicant has to find a host organization, which will accept his/her residency project, and fill out the on-line application form directly at the Visegrad fund website.

Selected artists will receive a residency fee (scholarship) of €750 per month and the Školska Gallery as the host organization will provide the artist with accommodation and project support.

Selection preferences

Školska Gallery as a potential host organization welcomes experimental projects of any media, audiovisual art, sound-art, participatory projects and projects which reflect local environment. For more information about the Školska Gallery activities and former artists-in-residence, please, go to our website at: www.skolska28.cz.

Školska Gallery requests that the applicants send their project proposal no later than August 15th so that they can be previewed by the gallery advisory board. Recommended applicants will receive the invitation letter and other necessary documents that are needed for submission at the IVF application form (link to: on-line application form) which deadline is September 10th.

Project proposals must contain:

- Brief description of the project in English
- Name of the project Preferred term of the residency
- Documentation of previous applicant's projects
- Brief artistic CV in English (Please, note, that the full IVF application form requests still additional information as well)

Please, e-mail your proposals to: veronika[at]skolska28.cz, and skolska28[at]skolska28.cz with " VARP residency program 2013" and your name in the e-mail subject. Please don't hesitate to discuss your project in advance with the residency curator Veronika Resslova.

Školska Gallery Communication Space is run by the civic association DEAI/setkání in cooperation with the Linhart Foundation. Program is supported by the grant of the City of Prague and the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic.

Információ:  veronika@skolska28.cz , skolska28@skolska28.cz
Bővebben:  www.skolska28.cz , www.visegradfund.org

forrás: kulturpont.hu

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