International Eyewear Design Contest 2012

Tervezz szemüveget a német OWP-nek!

OWP Brillen has created glasses collections of international distinction ever since it was founded in 1947.
The success of OWP sales is ensured by our balanced portfolio that includes a renowned licensed brand and two of our own corporate brands, which are well established in the market. OWP is considered one of the top suppliers in the industry today, and has earned a reputation as a creative, highly innovative company among opticians throughout the world.

OWP is holding its first ever design competition in 2012. The goal of this contest is to identify and reward highly creative and innovative product concepts in the area of corrective frames. The competition is aimed at university-level students who are involved in design or creative studies programs. The winning entrant will be awarded either a cash prize of EUR 2,000 or an internship in the design department at OWP.

Pályázati határidő: 2012. agusztus 31.
Entries may be submitted starting immediately, and must be sent in directly by August 31, 2012.

All contest details can be found in the downloadable flyer (PDF) and application form (PDF).


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