Human Rights nemzetközi logópályázat

Találd ki, tervezd meg az emberi jogok egyezményes jelét! A Human Rights nemzetközi online pályázatot írt ki logótervezésre.

Beadási határidő: 2011.  július 31. 
There is no globally recognized logo for human rights. Together we can close this gap. Join the greatest creative challenge in history and submit your logo design now.

How it works

At present there is no internationally recognized symbol for human rights. The “Logo for Human Rights” initiative wants to change that! Logos win people over through their symbolic power, distinctiveness, clarity and universal applicability. The initiative was established out of conviction that a human rights logo will make a peaceful contribution towards the global spread and implementation of human rights. In order to find this logo, a global creative online competition with cash prizes and open to everyone is to be launched. The initiative has the support of renowned stakeholders, supporters and partners from all walks of life.

The aim of the initiative is to create a human rights logo “by people for people”, thus making a contribution towards the global spread and implementation of human rights with the support of a large public.

Show the world your logo for human rights!

What do you have to do?
Show the world your logo idea, whether it’s a sketch or a complicated design. What matters is that the symbolism is convincing.

How can you take part?
Upload your logo on to Discuss and assess the logo competition entries with people from all over the world, sup ported by a team of experts. A prominent jury will make a pre-selection from all the entries. In a global public online ballot, the winner will be chosen from among the top 10.

Why should you take part?
Your logo can become the global symbol for human rights and be used wherever the focus is on human rights. What’s more, the winner will be awarded 5000 €, the runner-up 3000 € and the third-placed entrant 1000 €

  • The way you produce your logo is up to you: sketch the logo with a pencil on paper, paint it on a canvas, design it with the computer, draw it with a stick in the sand, etc.
  • It must be possible to understand the logo without a text.
  • The only words that may be used with the logo are “Human Rights”.
  • Letters (like HR) may be used in the logo only if the logo is understandable without knowing the letters.
  • Purely text entries will not be accepted.
  • It’s not possible to upload video or audio files.
Tips: What makes a good logo?
  • Above all, a good logo is based on a good idea.
  • A good logo is simple and instantly recognizable.
  • A good logo can be reproduced using many different media.
  • A good logo can be reproduced in different sizes.
  • A good logo can be reproduced in colour or in black and white.
Your logo can become the global symbol for human rights and be used wherever the focus is on human rights. What’s more, the winner will be awarded 5000 €, the runner-up 3000 € and the third-placed entrant 1000 €.
Open: until July 31 2011

Stay objective, be fair in all your behavior and your comments. Value the efforts of others in order to make this project happen. Mutual respect is our number one rule.

Get involved

The more people that actively take part the better. Get involved and upload your own ideas, comment and rate the ideas of others!Your involvement will make the project a success and motivates the other participants.


Your feedback is important. It shows the author of the idea that her/his work is being noticed. But please keep in mind: your comments should help the authors to develop their ideas and they should contain a solid professional assessment of the work.
Of course the R*E*S*P*E*C*T rule applies to commenting as well.


Even if it’s tempting sometimes: stay objective in your ratings. Remember: the ultimate goal is to find a strong logo for Human Rights! You can “like” as many ideas as you want. You don’t need to decide on one favorite idea.

Intellectual property rights are your friend

Mutual inspiration is a central reason why the project is hosted as a global online initiative - this way many people can collaborate and profit from each others inspiration and creativity. A too distinctive “yours” and “mine” mentality is an impediment when working for a common goal.
But rule number one also applies in this case: respect the fine line between “inspiration” and “copying ideas”. The Contest Guides keep an eye on this and are open for questions.

On idea updates and new

If you continue to work on one of your ideas, keep in mind not to enter it as a new idea, but to add the changes to the existing idea as an update.

If you have a question

Talk to us! You can send private messages to the Contest Guides on the platform (just hover over the user icons and click on the little envelope) or contact us directly via the Support Center (”Start a discussion”) if:
  • comments include personal, inobjective criticism
  • you have been personally affronted or insulted in private messages
  • if ideas have been obviously copied
We’re of course, also open for all other questions, feedback or other helpful hints.

On the expert’s work

The Design Experts support the project with their professional feedback. With the help of their expert eye they can identify the best logo ideas right away. Their “liked” ideas are labeled with a little symbol.

On the Contest Guide’s work

The profile pictures of all Contest Guides are marked with a special bar.
We can be contacted in case of questions or problems and act as neutral authorities and mediators. We encourage fair behaviour between the participants. We do not participate by submitting ideas, however, we do comment and rate your ideas to give feedback, encourage and moderate discussions.


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