Metro station 20: metróállomás Szófiában, építészeti tervpályázat

Sofia Municipality and Sofia Architecture Week invites all architects to participate in a competition for preliminary architectural design of Metro station 20 in Sofia, Bulgaria. The project should be a proposal for a comprehensive sustainable architectural concept for the metro station and the public space above it.

It should be designed according to the specific requirements of the underground rail transport system as well as the contemporary principals of urbanism. The authors of the project that wins first prize will enter into an agreement with Sofia Municipality and Metropolitan EAD for commissioning the working documentation for this project.
Jelentkezési határidő: 2011. December 9.
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Chairman of the Jury:
- Petar Dikov – chief architect of Sofia
- Petar Torniov – architect, curator of Sofia Architecture Week 2009, editor-in-chief of Abitare Bulgaria;
- Anna Tilova – architect, Metroproekt;
- Elena Paktiaval – architect, RGB Ltd.;
- Ivo Panteleev – architect, vice-chairman of the Chamber of Architects in Bulgaria;
- Boicho Boichev - representative of the Union of Architects in Bulgaria;
- Hans Ibelings – curator of Sofia Architecture Week 2011; art historian, independent architectural
  critic and editor of A10 – the magazine for new European architecture, Rotterdam, Holland;
- Eduardo Gutiérrez – architect, ON-A Architects, Barcelona, Spain;
- Adam Hatvani – architect, Sporarchitects, Budapest, Hungary;
- One first prize – 10,000 BGN and a commission
- One second prize – 6,000 BGN
- One third prize – 4,000 BGN
The competition projects will be exhibited and discussed in public after the end of the competition.
This year Sofia Architecture Week will be held on November 1-6, 2011. For more information 
on the program, lecturers, exhibitions and discussions please check:
For contact and information on the Station 20 Competition :
Pavel Yanchev - architect
Orlin Manolov - architect
Zlatko Terziev – urban planner
Station 20 Competition


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