Time To Design - New Talent Award 2012

Fiatal tehetségek kibontakozására nyújt lehetőséget az alábbi pályázat, egy 3 hónapos dániai workshoppal egybekötve.

Pályázati határidő: 2012. június 13.

Time to Design - New Talent Award, a design prize aimed at young design talents in the beginning of their career, is now open for submissions.

What do you need in the beginning of your career as a designer? Professional facilities in well equipped workshops, qualified guidance? What about possibility to show the public and potential manufacturers the design objects you have created? And of course time and room for your work. Time to design – new talent award offers you this.

The concept behind the award is to give an opportunity for young designers to develop talent and skills under the best possible conditions.

It is up to your self to decide whether you want to apply with a design proposal or if you need to modify a more finished project. The criteria are that you will be in need of the facilities at the Danish Art Workshops. In other words: the actual design project for the exhibition is to be carried out and produced at the workshops.

An application can only include one project, but it is possible to send in more than one application, and if want you can apply together with a partner. The copyright of your design project belongs only to you. And if you are granted the award, the copyright still belongs to you.

There is no entry fee.


Any designer from all over the world in the beginning of his/her career or student.


The award includes a three months residency at The Danish Art Workshops, 50.000 DKK (approx. 8,800 USD) sponsored by TA, the Danish Association of Wood and Furniture Industries to cover material costs, individual career coaching by OeO, and two weeks exhibition in the Normann Copenhagen Flagship Store.

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